We’re coming back!

stay tuned

Once again, we’ve been off the grid since Erin was born last year, but we’re planning on being more regular with posting in the coming days and weeks.

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Rebooting our running journey

We did the family run over the Harbour Bridge back in 2013 – we ran and my aunt kindly walked with Sean in the stroller. This was approximately two years ago!

Shift forward two years and we’ve definitely piled some of the weight back on just through general everyday life.

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Preschool at home: Lions

Sean learning to trace the word "lion".

Sean learning to trace the word “lion”.

A thousand years ago, I trained as an early childhood teacher at TAFE and Uni, but ended up leaving uni when I found I was more interested in computers (and the uni bar, oops!) and not paying attention to my studies. Regardless, it’s still one of my passions and now that I have two small ones of my own, a good way to put those skills to use.

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