Merry Christmas


Christmas is over for another year, and today is a day of catching up
with relatives, friends and general relaxation after the food and
family overload of yesterday. My family have a number gatherings, in and
around Sydney today, to get to.

Yesterday was just immediate family which was great. For the first time since Grandma passed away, we had Christmas here at home. The tree is appropriately decorated with all the wonderful ornaments Grandma made over the years as well as the special one with her photo and her voice recorded into. The day was a little tinged with sadness, but it was a lovely day 🙂

The morning started early with more cleaning and clearing stuff in the kitchen. We had Brendan, Anne, Sharon and Jack for breakfast – croissants with champagne, we went upmarket this year and had Moet, though some of us settled for water. Then there was a stampede of Brendan, Sharon and Jack to the loungeroom for the usual pressies opening. Received cd’s, car mats for Lemon, hand/face cream stuff amongst other things. Favourite gifts are a lcd tv and a beautiful necklace and earrings 🙂

We then settled into getting stuff ready for lunch and Adam arrived. Then there was lunch with stupid amounts of food, we were all very full! A bit of a break and then we started making the desserts – pavlova (my contribution), ambrosia that Anne makes every year and a flourless almond cake Shaz made with cream and ice cream. Then we all just sat back, talked and generally relaxed. PJ finally graced us with his presence about 4pm when he rolled out of bed.

All in all, a lovely day with good friends and family!

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