Random Update

Been a while since I did an update, life is just so bloody busy!

Extremely busy juggling uni and work. Started with my new responsibilities about 6 weeks ago, roaring along at high speed sucking up new stuff and working hard. Got a distinction for last semester with the studies, 1 month to go in my current semester so busy working on assignments and such.

One of my Canadian cousins arrives in less than a week to live with us for a bit. Initially with my aunt near us, then with my brother over at Mosman. Roughly 8 years since I saw her in Canada, about 18 years since most of the family saw her when she was a bub and they moved back to Canada. So that will be a bit of excitement for a bit! Taking some time off here and there, both for spending time with her and as study leave to give my uni work a little bit more love.

Had a birthday in amongst everything else a few weeks back. Had a lovely relaxed lunch with some friends and family as well as a family dinner at home. Lots of wine, good conversation and great company, perfect birthday. Not to mention Adam entirely spoiling me with a new camera!

Had a lovely pub lunch today with my team here at work, new guy started from our UK office. Coolish outside today but sunny, lovely walking around the harbour. Love working down here, just wish it wasn’t so far from everything!

Gearing up for World Youth Day in a month or so’s time. Quite a few going from our Deanery area, which is fantastic. Not too enamoured of the happy clappy youth festivals planned but looking forward to the rest. Most of the roads around work will be closed that week too, which will make getting in and out fun for all… APEC again? I’m probably taking the week off or just maybe taking some half days and pleading work to not go to some things. I want to go away later in the year, rather save the leave for that instead… although I have something like 5 weeks owing!

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