Sick as a dog

It’s been a crazy couple of months for me, what with WYD, Liz being here from Canada, going to Melbourne and uni/work/family/everything else.

I managed to get quite sick from some dodgy looking chicken at WYD:

chicken.jpgAt the time, we could not quite identify what it was, the best we could come up was chicken. What do you think? That left me with a recurring bacterial infection for the next month or so, yay!

Also as part of the fun of WYD, I contracted severe gastro at Randwick on the Saturday. The toilet facilities were without water on and off for the better part of 8 hrs. I was already ick from the stupid infection, and the next nearest toilets were a bit of a hike, so when you have to go… everyone did. I know, TMI! Anyhow, I gave up and went to the St John’s ambulance tent just before midnight, they took one look at me and sent me up to the medical unit where I spent the next 3 hrs. Lots of gastrolite, injections and tests later, they decided I had to go home. So I eventually ended up home just before 5am in the morning and promptly passed out. Sadly I missed the final mass, we had prime position too right next to the altar/stage area.

On top of that, being outside in extremely cold weather with an already battered immune system, I contracted a cold that same week which quickly blew up into flu a week or so later = awesome. So I went to Melbourne rather miserable, even collapsed at Crown Casino and poor Adam had to get me to our hotel and put up with me sweating and shivering all night long.

ANDDDD… I broke my toe the week before as well at home, so it was extra win!

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