Pray for Hansel

In June last year, Hansel fell or twisted somehow, crushing his spine and spinal cord resulting in paralysis. After many weeks, operations, therapy and much $$, he came home but was never really the same. He was happy enough but went slightly sideways when walking or attempting to run, and could no longer walk even to the end of the street before he was buggered.

Came home yesterday to find him gone, and Dad informed me he’d been taken to the vet again 🙁

He will be there for a while, except this time if they cannot help him with therapy/drugs, he will be put down. Our family cannot afford to spend thousands of $$ again for more operations that do not have a guarantee of working. Both dogs are almost 9 years of age, and the last time, Hansel aged dramatically, his face is almost entirely white now. He stresses and frets constantly already since last year, and he would not easily adapt if he had to stay paralysed, his quality of life would be practically zero.

Please keep him in your prayers!

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