Hansel Update

I stopped by the vet’s last night to see Hansel, to say he was overjoyed to see me is an understatement. You know that hopeful omgtakemehome happy to see you? He was pressed up against his cage door as soon as he heard my voice, even before he could see me and I could hear him scrabbling and whining as he is wont to do.

He has movement back, and was able to stagger half out of his cage and had to be helped out, then scrabble/slid around the floor in his excitement to see me, whining constantly. He even attempted to jump, without much luck, onto my knee. He got plenty of cuddles 🙂

The vet wasn’t in, so I couldn’t talk to him, but Dad had been up during the day. Apparently has no feeling in his back half, so there is a concern the drugs may be all that’s allowing him to move as he is for now. If that’s the case, he may still have to be put down. If it’s really him improving, he might possibly be allowed to come home eventually. Dad’s going up again tomorrow to see the vet, so should know more then.

I think leaving him yesterday was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, knowing it might well be the last time I see him. As soon as he’d lost sight of me behind a counter, his howl went right off. This howl is so piteous and sorrowful, very heartwrenching and extremely loud… I could hear him down the street!

So here’s hoping the poor bugger can recover!

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