He’s Coming Home!

Just a quick post, as I am not long home from baseball and need to get showered, then get dinner started. First game of summer, all hot and yuk from playing. I didn’t get out either, home all the way!

Anyhow, the biggest news this week… Hansel is coming home on Tuesday!

He has feeling back to some extent, will be on pain killers and other assorted drugs for a while yet. We will have to keep him inside for three weeks plus, so he gets plenty of rest. Which will be hard, as last year was a nightmare. But at least we know what to expect 🙂

Got the next 2 days off yay, but going to hospital tomorrow for a sleep study, so not all fun and games. Been seeing a specialist for sleep problems, this is to see if I have sleep apnea which a few members of my family have.

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