Still Alive!

I am still very much alive, the dreaded combo of work and uni took over for a while is all!

I am very much looking forward to the next few weeks. Even though I am on deck at work for the duration of the silly season, there will be opportunities to relax with good friends and family, which is just what I need!

I finished semester 3 for the year a few weeks ago, slogged hard right until the bitter end and decided to take the 4th semester / study period off as I’ve done uni straight through for almost 2 years now. Adam’s doing uni over the 4th though, sucks to be him!

Work is going well, a few projects out the door as well as a few more coming up. Plenty of challenges and opportunities for expanding my l33t skillz, as well as learning a heap more coming up in 2009. And for those who have been asking my job was safe from the recent cuts, not much to say on that front, sad business but life goes on and 2009 is looking good.

This weekend will (hopefully) see the completion of Christmas shopping, spending time with mine and Adam’s families and our friends, as well as bidding farewell to my little sister who leaves for Beirut on Friday to join her husband and his family in Lebanon for Christmas. She will be gone for close to 2 months but we are off to a joint haircut appointment tomorrow, so it will be good to catch up before she choofs off for distant shores…

If I don’t post between now and Christmas, here’s wishing everyone a happy, safe and holy Christmas season!

Disclaimer: Ignore the holy bit if you aren’t religious, I know some people get upset at references to the fact it is a religious holiday, no offence to anyone is intended but I am a practising Catholic, so deal with it  imo 😉

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