Back to work…

…not that I ever really left!

I think I am fairly well decided on taking some leave next year, at least in the gap between Christmas and New Years Day. Although, I do have to say work has been incredibly quiet and although I’m in the office, it doesn’t really feel like a Monday – except for the lack of caffeine availability. People have brought their kids in and everything is generally laid back.

The majority of staff have the 2 weeks over Christmas off, so no milk is delivered to the office during this time and all the surrounding coffee options are closed. Thankfully some of the guys here decided our coffee morning run still had to happen and made the trek up to the Rocks and came back with what has to be some of the worst coffee around, but hey at least it wasn’t black instant crap o/

Although… I was smart and brought my own milk in for my cereal!

P.S. – 2 more sites added to the stalk list, one being an old mate Siam’s blog and one of the guys at work who has a blog about Australia and being greener on the Internet in general.

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