Nothings Sacred

Mid-afternoon at work, a little peckish, opting for a coffee or tea instead of going downstairs to the cafe for something to eat… win right?


Reach behind my monitor into a box of stuff I usually hide my coffee mug in (still haven’t unpacked from 2 desk moves ago) to find it’s not there. Quickly ransack my desk and another box I have yet to unpack, nothing!

A quick recon of the upstairs kitchen shows up nothing, nor does the front open kitchen here at work that we call the toolbar, leaves someones desk or the smaller kitchen on this level. Recon of the cupboards there prove successful… And this is what made me really angry!

It has obviously been used and put into the dishwasher judging by the scratches all over it, and I’d say a date with a scourer to boot with scratches inside. It is a black mug with a design in silver pewter on the front (relic from work overseas), so it really doesn’t take kindly to dishwashers and/or microwaves. On top of that, whoever nicked it also had the hide to use it again and then leave it in the cupboard with crap that was mouldy and caked all over the inside!

Said mug is now heading home with me today for a soak in dettol or some other strong cleansing agent ><

FFS, how lazy are people around here?! And how low to go through someones things! Books, mugs and umbrellas amongst other things regularly go walkies here… something seriously wrong with people today!


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