Trip to Ikea

Today I (stupidly) made the trek out to Ikea with every man and his dog. Because of ANZAC Day nothing was open until 1pm, and being the only Ikea in Sydney… guess where everyone wanted to go. Oh well, after the 45mins I spent looking for parking – couldn’t even get out, the line was huge and kept getting blocked when I tried to get out – I got a spot right near the entrance up to Ikea, win!

Ended up going to Howards Storage World first up for some coat hangers for skirts, belts and some extra vacuum storage bags. Then on to Ikea for a few bits and pieces, the most important being some storage boxes for underneath the bed. Now there’s a few options at Ikea… Most quite expensive as seen here, here and here. Yup, upwards of $70 for a BOX! Seriously!

nojebox.jpgI ended up going with the above, it’s a children’s one for $9.95. Buy a few of them for a fraction of the cost. I don’t really care what the colour is and the quilt/bedpsread will cover under the bed regardless. They appear to be more durable than the more adult versions available, so win!

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