Family mobilising…

This morning we received news that my Great Aunt Marj has pneumonia and isn’t doing very well. Aunty Marj is one my Grandma’s two remaining siblings still with us, the other being Aunty Muffie. She hasn’t been well for a number of years, is now blind and has been worse since a stroke last year.

Dsc07967.jpgThe above is a photo of Aunty Marj and I a few years ago, when she was a lot better…

all off to Canowindra this coming weekend, which has been planned for a
while – Mum & Dad, Anne, Shaz & Jack along with Adam and
myself. I just hope we do get the chance to say goodbye but if she
goes, at least I know she’s at peace finally but I’d really love to see
her again. I should have made the effort before this, but life’s been
pretty full on the past while.

The family is on alert, I think
Aunty Muffie has called everyone possible, so there’s a lot of prayers
and thoughts toward Aunty Marj right now.

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