My Grandma

If there’s one single person in my life who has made the largest impact, it would probably be my Grandma. All the worry about her sister Marj this week, has unfortunately brought back the memory of her last week with us, but it has also reminded me of just how blessed we were to have her as long as we did.

grandmame.jpgYes that’s me! Taken with my Grandma when I was a few months old, came across it the other day in my baby album and she just looks so happy and graceful in it 🙂

Grandma was an older mother by 1950’s societal standards when she had my Mum at age 38, let alone two more children after that! She was 90 when she passed and I was 27. She was already older when I and my siblings came along, yet she never slowed down and we had probably the best grandmother anyone could have asked for. She was always there, she picked me up from school or fell over, taught me my prayers, read to me, taught me to stand tall and not be afraid of the world.

She passed in Feburary 2005, just under 3 months shy of my birthday. I am thankful and indeed, privileged, for her presence in my life almost 28 years. Miss you Grandma!

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