More drugs weeee!

Definitely got an infection, which makes sense since my face is swollen and hot to the touch, as is my gum inside around the tooth. My GP has me on 2 courses of antibiotics, hopefully this will do the trick as I realllllllllly need these buggers out ASAP! I feel like a dealer, my handbag resembles a chemist with my meds, panadeine forte, nurofen plus, panadol rapid and capadex.

Going away tonight, think the break will be a good thing, just spending time with family and doing not a lot of anything else. Bit of a drive, but nothing I haven’t done before. Been loading the ipod up with cd’s, since I have yet to replace my stereo in the car that munches them. That’s on the list for after my teeth.

Lemon had another visit with the mechanic the last few days, this time – snapped engine mount. All fixed now and he’s running better than ever 🙂

Here’s hoping I have enough painkillers for the weekend!

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