Teeth Update

A quick update on the teeth, now that I am finally emerging from the drugged-up haze…

In the end it was 8 fillings, 6 were replacements of 20yr old ones, so just general wear and tear stuff. As well as 2 new ones, guess that’s what I get after 14 odd years of not going. 2 they were going to put off, but decided to do once they saw how hard it was to get me under the anaesthetic! On top of that, the two impacted wisdom teeth (top 2 – bottom were out at 17).

They first tried to get a vein in my lower-right arm, but no go. The guy was really rough and I have some awesome bruises. They tried in my elbow, no go. They then tried a muscle relaxant injection, followed by trying a vein in my left-inner wrist which now has a fantastic bruise happening and is tender, still no go! Then he decided to try in my foot and thank God, he found a viable vein. All this time, the dental surgeon was having to hold me down too. I REALLY hate needles, they didn’t believe me beforehand… now they do 😉

So all that drama prompted them to do the additional 2 fillings, instead of having to go through it all again in a few months. I have a review appointment on Monday arvo.

No stitches where the wisdom teeth were, first night was a haze of drugs and bloody gauze. The dentist didn’t actually prescribe anything, all just take nurofen… Thankfully I had plenty of panadeine forte leftover, and the following day, my GP prescribed Endone which is like pure morphine or something. It’s the good stuff, it was kept in a safe at the chemist and took 2 calls between the chemist and my doctor for the chemist to fill the prescription. That fairly well knocked me out for 12hrs solid and I still felt like a zombie for hours later, wary of taking it again. Gums are incredibly sore, minimal swelling outside at least, inside is a different matter. The teeth are also quite sore, can’t yet bite properly, toast soaked in soup last night was a massive failure. But it’s getting better slowly, can’t wait for a few weeks time when it’s all completely gone!

Now to go do battle with medicare to get some of the $800 odd the anaesthetist cost back, and send off claims to my health fund 🙂

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