First cold of winter

Monday saw the first day of winter here in Australia and the first round of colds going through work. I so love being sick after only just beginning to feel better having after having my wisdom teeth out.

Colds for me are made even more fun, because I can’t take any of the usual options such as sudafed, benadryl, lemsip and so forth. I am allergic to anything that contains pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine or phenylanine. Have found that panadol have a similar product to lemsip out, without any of those which is helping a lot with the head-cold symptoms.

Tuesday saw the gum where one of the teeth was split eating a muffin for lunch. Cue lots of pain, and blood… spoke to the dentist, they are prepared to stitch it if it gets worse. So more painkillers for the foreseeable future.

So pretty miserable this week all round! 🙂

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