It’s been a while since I did a decent general update, life has just been so busy!

The cold I had last week is all but gone, still a bit of a blocked/runny nose but nothing bad. The teeth are healing extremely slowly, over having to rinse the wounds out and be careful when brushing. Otherwise in good health!

Last weekend we had roughly 40 odd people from around Australia and New Zealand in Sydney for our guild meet, yes this is for World of Warcraft πŸ˜› But we are all good friends and extremely social, we see the Sydney based ones every other weekend and then some. Many are couples now, and for most of we Sydney lot, were friends long before WoW.

Friday night: drinks in the city with those staying there, then out to Adam’s where another large chunk were staying with he and his flatmates (who are also in the guild and RL mates).
Saturday: dinner at the Phillip’s Foote in the Rocks, then on to the Observer for more shenannigans.
Sunday: saw Terminator 3 then dinner and drinks

So a good weekend was had by all!

Work’s going well, lots to do and learn πŸ™‚

Uni is on hiatus kind of, really need a break but still doing some. Adam’s also taking a break this semester to concentrate on going over some of the material he needs for next semester. We’re not stopping though, and I at least will be doing full-time study on top of work in the latter half of this year… well that is the plan, may well turn out to be part-time, we’ll see.

Family are all well. The boys have their 27th birthday coming up in a few weeks, unfortunately it will only be PJ here for it as Bren is living with our family in Canada for a few months but he’ll be back later in July so we’ll do it then. Shaz is turning 30 and planning a big dressup “I can’t believe you wore that” party in celebration. Need to think of a costume but it needs to be warm, as it’s likely to be an outdoors party in the middle of winter… brrr!

Gretel is thus far doing well and showing no sign of deterioation which is fantastic. Hansel is his usual emo self and Angel is more social these days. Con and Mango are noisy as ever, Corey evil incarnate, and the rest of the birds bumbling along nicely.

Now it’s time to get some stuff done here at home!

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