Aroma Festival

Sydney Harbour with the Opera House

Today was spent down in the more historical area of Sydney – the Rocks – for the Rocks Aroma Festival. This an annual event featuring coffee, tea, chocolate and spices. It’s a lovely area right in and around the Harbour Bridge and Circular Quay, directly opposite the Opera House. I go through here everyday to and from work and sometimes am a bit over the place, but the weather was warm and clear, simply a glorious day to be out and about… you’d have thought it was summer!

Adam and I met up with Steve and Shirley just after 11am, later joined by Greg and Jen. Unfortunately Gav was stuck in Perth for work and Sharon and Peter were on their way to Canberra. We had a few different types of coffee and lots of tea samples.  Lunch was had at the Lowenbrau, which was great for taking a break from the crowds and relax and talk with our friends properly.

Greg & Jen, Steve & Shirley, Myself & Adam

There were lots of street performers and bands set up around the place on stages, but the strangest was definitely the Mona Lisa made out of cups of coffee!

Coffee closeup

Higher up view of the Mona Lisa


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