The Fizzy Stuff

Soft drinks (pop/soda for my american peeps) are a part of everyday Australian life. Whether it’s the standard of Coke, Sprite and Pepsi or old favourite brands such as Schweppes, Kirks or Shelleys; there would not be many Aussies who don’t partake of them at least occasionally. In most work cultures, it’s standard to drink a can with lunch for example and apart from destroying our teeth, it’s not doing the rest of our wellbeing any favours either.

Wall of LOL!

The above is a wall some of the guys at work have been building out of V and LOL cans. It’s currently 2 cans deep and 3 cans high… and growing! No I didn’t drink all of those, but I’d be lying if I didn’t contribute a few cans to the cause 😉

My point is, it’s the norm for soft drinks to be a part of our day. LOL cans are a standard for morning tea and for lunch or a can of coke/pepsi replaces it. I’ve been chatting a lot about general health and fitness crap with Jaki recently. She has cut soft drink out and replaced them with better choices, along with a lot of hard work and generally healthier lifestyle and food choices. And her results are amazing!

So here starts my mission to clean up one part of my daily life, soft drink! I’m not talking about the odd alcoholic drink like lemon, lime and bitters that might have some small amount of soda/lemonade in it, but the habit of buying cans/bottles of soft drink that I can’t seem to get out of. Besides, I have low BP and am not supposed to drink anyhow. I already no longer drink beer unless it’s a sip of Adam’s or someone elses, or an extremely rare occasion. I prefer a glass of red to most things, although I am partial to lemon and/or lime and soda/bitters.

Today I’m on my 2nd bottle of water, I even got all the way to the fridge at the cafe downstairs when we went for our morning coffee run, fully intending to buy a LOL and didn’t! Baby steps 😀


Pop? POP? *screech* It’s SODA for this American peep. Hehehe. Pop is a northern term, and one which just makes me cringe, even though I’m technically *from* the north. 😀

Of course, I’ve been in the south long enough that it’s all just coke anyway. Observe:

“Hey, you want a coke?”

“Sure; whatcha got?”

“Oh, the usual – pepsi, diet pepsi, mountain dew…”


OMG edited for you 😛

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