Bye-bye Lemon!


Yup, I have finally gotten rid of my ’94 Holden Barina, more affectionately/ironically known as Lemon!

The photo above was taken on Sunday morning, before I took it to get detailed, polished and all the good stuff so I could get it ready for sale. It was definitely looking rather old and tired, which is to be expected from a 15-16 year old car.

Lemon after detailing

And here’s Lemon after the cut and detail, he looked almost brand new!!!

Adam kindly took a series of photos from different angles for the ads I chucked up on Carsales and Trading Post. We ended up selling Lemon the very next day (yesterday) to a guy who drove all the way from Newcastle to check it out for his daughter 😀

I’ll miss Lemon, even though it was my 2nd car (first was the old Pulsar that did the round of the family), it was the car that saw me through a lot of life events in recent years. I will miss him 🙁

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Poor lemon…he sure looked good all cleaned up!

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