Weekend blur

Star Trek and The Sydney SymphonyOn Saturday, Adam and I, along with a mutual friend Greg headed out to the Opera House for a matinee performance.

The performance – Star Trek and the Sydney Symphony!

The first half hour featured music from 2001: A Space Odyssey and Transformers, followed by a short interval. The second half was 1.5 hours long, featuring music from all 11 of the Star Trek films accompanied by clips from the films on a huge screen. It was a fantastic setting in the main concert hall at the Opera House, the music just surrounded us. One of the best performances I’ve been to there thus far.

Saturday night saw us with Mum, Anne and my brother Paul at the Scots Club for a Trivia night to support our baseball club. We teamed up with Adzz and Alicia, and a few others from third grade… and we won! 😀

So we went home armed with a bottle of wine each. I ended up winning 2 bottles of wine and a bottle of port in the raffle as well as $25 on the pick a number game. Win!

Sunday was a day of doing not much at all! Went up to Hurstville in the morning for a massage, dropped some jeans off to be hemmed and had a spot of lunch. Then spent the rest of the day relaxing with intermittent bouts of work.

Today is rainy and cold, fun for getting washing I need to take away dry 🙁

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