Challenge 15 – If I were the ruler of the world…..

The Challenge this week over at Blog This is: If you were the ruler of the world – what would you change about the world if you had the power to do anything…?

This is a tough question! The beauty pageant answer is WORLD PEACE 😆

Well, sure I’d love to solve the world’s problems and all, but that would take forever… starvation, wars, disease, violence and so forth… I’d be dead of exhaustion before I even got a quarter of the way there!

So I think I’d settle for maybe one of the biggest – disease. AIDS for example is rapidly spreading throughout the world with no known cure, there’s no easy cure or none at all for many cancers, let alone all of the unexplained diseases out there. I have auto immune problems with proteins in nuts and dairy, so know how difficult life can be for some people with allergies and so forth.

I’d love for there to be no more diseases of any kind, not even a simple cold ever again. Think if we didn’t have diseases the world would be a much happier place and the billions of dollars that pharmaceutical companies make each year on superbly expensive products, could be poured into fixing other problems like global warming and ensuring there’s enough food for the inhabitants of this planet. And companies would be more productive without anyone taking any sick leave!

How nice would it be not even to sniffle! 😀


That would certainly be cool! A world without nut allergies would be awesome. I feel so bad for a friend of mine who’s daughter is allergic to nuts. You’d be looking over your shoulder all the time. The thought that something so common could easily take your precious child’s life is chilling.

“Well, sure I’d love to solve the world’s problems and all, but that would take forever…”

plus you’d have to make a list of those problems first and where do you even begin???

I totally agree!! great post!

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