Falls, Walking & Possums

Today we had a bit of a sleep-in, although not too much sleep for me. Then it was off in the car then a walk down to Liffey Falls:

Liffey Falls

After a few stops up the steep hill climb back to the car, we drove around the great lakes area and saw lots of snow on the ground still. It was pretty cold up there but the sun was out, so it was nice inside the car. We eventually had lunch about 3ish in a nice little cafe called “Sticky Beak” in Longford. I opted for a coffee and a toasted sanger, Adam had some yummy homemade rissoles and salad. Then back in the car and off to the supermarket to pick up a few things for tea!

Whilst we were cooking tea, we got word that a possum had been hit by a car and there was a baby. So it’s now wrapped up in towels with a hot water bottle until morning when we can call around for somewhere to take it. It appears Tasmania doesn’t have a 24×7 wildlife rescue like WIRES in NSW!

Baby Possum

Ps. All photos this week and next are likely to have been taken on my mobile, as they are easier to get on here without dragging my photos off the camera and going through the resizing rigamarole. Will put the proper photos up when I get back home!

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