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Yes I am still alive!

We got back from Tasmania last Tuesday, but with returning to work and everything else, it has been hard to find time to update the blog properly.

The family are all well…

  • PJ had an operation on his back whilst we were away for a herniated disc or some such thing, appears to be healing well and not walking around hunched over in pain any more.
  • Dad looks to be making movement at long last in building a new weedhouse – somewhere to chuck all his orchids. Our side yard at home has long fallen into neglect and the greenhouses long since collapsed/been removed. Since he retired, he’s started accumulating the weeds again, so it’s time to rescue what’s left and make homes for the newer orchids that have been crowding into the front yard for the last few months!
  • Brendan is returning to sea in January, with a world voyage ahead of him… lucky bugger!
  • Shaz and Jack have bought a home over in Botany finally! They have a lot of renovating work ahead of them, but it will be good once they get a bigger place…
  • Which leads me on to the biggest piece of family news! My sister and her hubby are expecting a baby, due early next year! 😀

Uni… I’m being lazy this year, really need to get my ass in gear with this and make severe inroads next year and finish sometime soon!

Work… apparently being made a Producer I found out today… Not sure what this entails just yet, my job itself won’t change much and don’t know if there’s a pay adjustment happening, but at least having my title changed to reflect the work I’ve been doing for a while now will be pretty awesome to say the least. I’ll wait and see what comes through from HR, as I’m still currently officially doing the job I started with 4 years ago but in actuality is entirely different to what I do now!

Better get back to work… craploads, literally, to do this week!

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