No more sleeps!

There are now no more sleeps, as today is the day I fly out to the US. Heading over to Sunnyvale, CA, for a week jam packed full of work and the conference.

I still have to pack, but I’m not flying out until this afternoon. Besides, everything’s ready, it’s just sorting and shoving it into something really. I was up until late last night finishing something for work, which now needs to be revised, but I’ll worry about that when I get there.

Whilst most of this week will be work, looking forward to the change of scenery and catching up with a few people. Then there’s the Christmas shopping, and I’m planning to get my Santa photo that I get done every year somewhere over there for something different. It’s not every year I spend time in December away from t-shirt and shorts weather after all 😀

Today is supposed to get to 35 °C, it’s already 27 °C / 81 °F at 9:30am! So you can see where the days heading here compared to 12 °C / 54 °F over in San Francisco at 2:30pm. I will quite happily embrace the cold for a week after the heat this week, although I might not be quite so enthused once I get there 😉

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