Made it safely

Sydney AirportIn San Francisco safe and sound!

The flight was delayed in Sydney initially after some maintenance had to be done on the 747 after it came up from Avalon. So we had to sit around for another hour or so twiddling our thumbs. Ac was shonky for the trip too.

I managed to get a window seat yay. 35 °C and blue skies out in Sydney upon departure. Thankfully I had books and there were a decent selection of movies. I ended up watching “The Time Traveler’s Wife“, “Chéri” and a bit of “Funny People“. The first was most excellent, I’ve read the book. The second I didn’t like, was a bit wishy washy despite the excellent cast in Michelle Pfeiffer, Rupert Friend and Kathy Bates. Funny People was watchable, but the in flight entertainment system died with 7 hours to go in the flight. So at that point, despite the screaming baby that was diagnolly behind me, I had to try and sleep as our reading lights are tied into the entertainment system 🙁

Food was good though! Qantas snack pack that consisted of a chocolate, mints, soy grain snacks, dried apricots, anzac cookie and a bottle of water.

For dinner I had: Mixed leaf salad with tomato and cucumber, braised beef in a red wine & rosemary sauce with peas and polenta. We were also given a bread roll, cheese & crackers, drinks and a tropical frosty fruits for dessert. Alternative was a chicken with veges dish.

For breakfast I had: OJ, seasonal melon salad with fruit juice (bits of honeydew and rockmelon), apple & cinnamon roll, scrambled eggs with like a bubble & squeak style cake with corn and potato. I didn’t touch the dodgy looking sausage but I was already full. The alternative was sultana bran.

After standing in line at Customs forever, I got through to the airport fairly seamlessly. Long lines at Customs as everyone was fingerprinted and had their photo taken. SFO airport recently added a showers service, for $15 you get towels and bath products. Bit exxy but you get half an hour and the water is hot, a huge relief after 14hrs in a flying oven (AC wasn’t doing too well either). So after a quick shower and a fresh change of clothes, felt way better. Then found an information desk to enquire as to the best way into the city, was directed to a shuttle service run by the airport that contracts different operations. $17, well $20 as he didn’t have change and they have that tipping crap here, I was transported to my hotel.

They initially didn’t have checkin til 3, but as I and another girl who’d been on a shuttle were getting our bags into the storage, they suddenly had 2 rooms. Which was good, as by this time it was well after 1pm and I was stuffed. Had a huge drink of water, made sure I could get net working then passed out until 4pm, well needed. Planning to stay in tonight after I go find some kind of food. The room is really nice, no fridge or AC but the windows open (and who needs AC in winter temps, has a heater at least) and it’s small and boutique like, I believe it’s owned by the Vibe chain. Anyhow, it’s clean, cheap and convenient to downtown San Francisco. Bathroom is very spacious and there’s plenty of room and storage in the room itself.

Will be catching up with some friends tomorrow, Tagg (Scott) and Kristin, who are driving up from down the coast to keep me amused yay. Then work Monday!

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Glad you made it safe! Hope you take pics of your food from now on ;p

*hugs* Enjoy the states!! Or as much of it as you get to see in your short time in San Fran!

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