Heading home

Heading home in a few hours o/

Currently camped out at Borders sipping a Peppermint Trio Mocha from Seattle’s Best with some nummy banana cake; taking advantage of a powerpoint to charge my laptop and use their free internet to check in with work. Unfortunately it’s only 2pmish back home on a Tuesday to my current Monday evening at 7pmish, so doing a few bits and pieces to keep things kicking over until I arrive home tomorrow.

Spent a lovely weekend with Alyssa traipsing around San Francisco, it was great to finally spend some time with her šŸ˜€

It’s been a long week and although it’s been fun, I’ll be glad to get home and not be living out of a suitcase.Ā  And none too soon, it’s been snowing in and around the bay area today. It is disgustingly cold out at 5C, glad we bought gloves yesterday as I could not have survived without them today.

I found AT&T Park this afternoon too, home of the San Francisco Giants. Not my favourite team, but it’s still baseball. They were also able to direct me to a sporting goods store so I managed to get new batting gloves for a fraction of what they would cost back home, win! Did a few last minute bits of shopping, mainly presents for my brothers for Christmas. So I have zero Christmas shopping now to do when I return home which makes a nice change. I am usually running round like a mad chook come mid-December. Prices and sales over here with the improved AU $ to the USD have meant it was cheaper to buy something here than in Australia.

Anyhow, almost time to head back to the hotel and catch the shuttle to the airport, flights at 10:50pm šŸ™‚

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