My Secret Talent

This week’s blog this challenge is:

Time to fess up!
Can you touch your nose with your tongue?  Do you sing soprano? Are you a whizz with a budget or have a black belt in karate?  Make a mean roast or have you received some form of public recognition for something real that your readers don’t know about?

Expose something about yourself that is unusual or something your readers might not know about  you!

My secret talent is speed reading!

I was taught by my Mum and Aunt to read at a very early age, by 7 I’d already read all of the Lord of the Rings books and by 10 had read my way through the majority of my parents, Grandma’s and council libraries. My tastes in books are incredibly varied, I can easily go from a biography to scifi to classics. But my favourites are older authors such as Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, L M Montgomery and Victor Hugo to name a few.

I regularly won read-a-thons, the most notable being the local council ones and having an award presented by the then mayor and having our photo in the local paper… I really should find out if my Mum or Aunt have that clipping somewhere. I was always the first to get through reading textbooks at school and generally can get through the average novel in under 1-2 hours; actually fully understanding and absorbing everything! 😀


I can relate to this. My sister was 4.5 years older than me and taught me to read when I was three and a half. I could read novels in a couple of hours by the time I was 10. My Dad used to come in and put his hand over the page and get me to tell him what it was about as he didn’t believe I was really reading it at that pace! The sad thing is I could nearly remember the whole page word for word (came in very handy for exams and last minute cramming).

haha that’s pretty cool – you have probably finished reading this before I have typed it huh?

Wow! That is one cool talent! 1-2 hours for a standard novel? Man! It takes me 1-2 weeks!

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