KeepCupRob started the trend with the KeepCup at work a few months back. They are reusable heavy duty plastic cups that are great for our coffee  There were plans to do a mass order but nothing has come to fruition as yet, so I decided to get my own!

Our regular cafe haunt is really good at allowing us to use them, they are basically the same size as a large cup of takeaway coffee. This size KeepCup is actually the medium, so yes, you can go bigger or smaller if it tickles your fancy. They come in a variety of colours and keep the liquid hot for quite a while.

The blue band around the middle (also colour customisable) shows the type of coffee (capp, latte, flat white etc), sweetener or sugar, skim/normal/soy, the strength of the cofee as well as options for organic, chai, tea, hot choccy or mocha if you aren’t a coffee conoisseur.

For just $10.20 plus postage, you gain the benefit of never having your order mixed up again and you help the environment! What more could you want?

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