Greg’s Bucks

Group shot

Last weekend was superbly busy…

I was sick for a few days, university assignments, the weather was exceedingly hot, had friends up from Melbourne, down from QLD, in from Canberra and Tamworth.

There was also a weekend long party with friends and all the aforementioned invaders, as well as Greg’s bucks! Jen’s hens was also on the Saturday!!

Greg and Jen are due to get married on February 6th, but literally have a wedding every weekend up until then, including two in one weekend!

The proposed run of activities was:

  • bbq lunch at Prospect Reservoir
  • gokarting at Eastern Creek
  • white water rafting at Panthers
  • dinner at Churrasco (Brazillian BBQ!)

The boys & I

Due to the party, which was conveniently located out at Seven Hills at Tim & Craig’s, I only joined the boys for lunch. The above photo is of all of us, along with Greg’s brother Grant and his dad, Dennis. It was stinking hot, but perfect weather. We enjoyed a basic BBQ of sausages and steak on breadrolls with beer and coke 😀

And here’s a photo of myself with the guys – Rod, Peter, Greg, myself, Steve and Gavin.

Next weekend will be even busier – Shirley’s hens on the Friday, Steve’s bucks on the Saturday, baseball Sunday and Shirley & Steve’s wedding on the Monday, followed by us all collapsing on Australia Day 😯

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