Steve’s Bucks

One of me!

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – why on earth is a girl going to a bucks?!

Well, the five guys and I have been mates since forever, we’ve done everything together over the years and we’re all pretty close, I’m basically one of the boys. So I go to their bucks activities – Rod’s years ago, Peter’s 2 years ago, Greg’s 2 weeks ago and a week ago, Steve’s. Now it’s just Gavin and I left!

The boys have decided that when my turn comes around, I can have a hens with family and friends (i.e. one their wives, my Mum, my aunt Anne and sister Sharon etc can go to), then they’ll throw me a bucks party that they can go to πŸ˜†

We left home early, gathering at Peter’s in the city to work out carloads and then we were off to Bobbin Head in the Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park for a BBQ. It was that disgustingly hot day, with temperatures into the 40’s with a total fire ban – absolutely yuk! We had a nice basic lunch of rissoles, bread rolls and sausages with beer and soft drink. The only thing missing was the sauce, someone forgot it πŸ™

There are also no photos from lunch as literally everyone had forgotten their cameras and I’d left my sd card in my laptop here at home. After lunch, we made our way up the F3 to Peat’s Ridge and Glenworth Valley for quad biking!

Being in the bike helmets alone was like being in a sauna, let alone the dust since it hasn’t rained up there recently and the heat. After we finished, we were absolutely covered in dirt. Still, it was a lot of fun even if I went Grandma-pace at times. No one fell off and except for Adam going briefly off road, no major mishaps. The only thing amiss, was Rod and Gav having not taken the correct turnoff and missing out on all the fun.

After the quad biking, it started to sprinkle so we piled into the cars and dispersed for various homes for showers. It was roughly a 2 hour drive home, major thanks to Adam for taking over the driving, I hadn’t had much sleep during the week so we would definitely have had an accident if I had been driving πŸ˜•

After showering, Rod picked Adam and I up, he already had Gavin and Greg with him, and it was back into the city for dinner. Thankfully it had rained a bit and the temperature dropped significantly, making for a more comfortable evening. We had dinner at the Belgian Beer Cafe in the Rocks, the food and drinks as always were sublime… particularly one of the best mojitos I’ve ever had!

After dinner, we pushed onward for an interesting evening involving what usually happens on bucks nights. Interestingly, the boys found most of it pretty boring and we actually left after roughly half an hour. Greg, Gav, Adam and I caught a cab back to where my car was and I drove them all home from there. It was probably quite strange for Adam having me present at a bucks, but in the end it was one of the best times in recent years I’ve had with the boys. It’s incredibly rare with all our hectic schedules and busy lives that all of us are in one spot at any given time.

Here’s a few more photos from the night:

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