We all have something we absolutely cannot live without, my current one happens to be raw carrot.

Yup, that’s right, CARROTS! 😯

I’ve never overly been a fan of carrots, I especially hate frozen ones, totally preferring fresh ones if I absolutely have to eat them – pumpkin is my normal preference.

I also tended to get called “carrots” in primary school by bullies, especially one in particular who used it a lot. One day, she made the mistake of screaming at me something along the lines of “let’s see you run carrots” in this awful sneering voice she had.

Now my hair, whilst definitely auburn is nowhere near the colour of my Mum’s, and she has the really red hair, mines muted somewhat thanks to my Dad’s black hair. Anyhow said girl made the mistake of saying it with my Mum in range, she totally didn’t realise Mum was right behind her. It’s very rare to see Mum reallllllly angry, trust me this was one of those moments and she’d had her fair share of teasing when she grew up, plus I had serious co-ordination issues growing up (pre-school for kids with disabilities etc), so Mum was acutely aware of the damage that is done by people like her. Said girl was a tiny bit nicer in future, though not by much…

Anyhow, I got sidetracked!

Lately I’ve been getting into healthier eating, part of which is having to snack on during the day that doesn’t involve a visit to the vending machine or a nearby cafe. I’ve settle upon carrots and celery, but I think I’ll give up the celery, it really needs something with it. The carrot, however, I cannot get enough of…

Wierd… yet yummy…

Also down 6kg from sometime last year, I don’t really keep track anymore, I don’t want to become fixated. Go me! 😀


You know, carrots have WAY more carbs than celery… *evil grin* Oh wait, carbs are MY downfall, not yours!

I got some especially tasty fresh carrots in my produce delivery this week – I shall think of you as I om nom nom my way through the bunch!

Also, I couldn’t help but think of my beloved Anne of Green Gables as you were telling your story; too bad *you* couldn’t break a slate over that girl’s head! 😀

Yesterday, I had a whole raw carrot with hummous for lunch. It was great. But probably full of calories (I don’t think hummous is exactly low fat).

Who cares – I loved it.


Hummus is so delish! We eat a lot of lebanese food here at home, my brother-in-law is Lebanese and his Mum’s an awesome cook as well as the numerous Lebanese shops and restaurants around home… nom nom nom!

And yes, who cares, if it’s yum – go for it!

I might try something like low fat yoghurt with celery or some low fat peanut butter and see if that makes a difference, but I’m seriously addicted to carrots!

The AoG books are my absolute favourites!!

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