Hand Update

Even though I was out of bed by 9 this morning, I successfully sat around in my pj’s until roughly 11am. Once I got myself together and had a bite to eat, I headed out to the local shops and saw my massage therapist. I see her weekly and whilst it can be costly, she still only charges me what she first charged me 10 years ago when I first started seeing her. I count her almost entirely responsible for saving my hands and wrists.

Back in 2001, I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel and advised to take 6 months off work. My GP at the time was pressing me to sue where I worked for worker’s comp which put me in a difficult position as I in no way blamed them and I loved my job and workmates at the time. So I chose to resign and rested of my own accord for a few months, whilst seeing Katherine (yup same name as me!) every other day.

10 years later, I am still kicking on and can occasionally go 2-3 weeks without therapy but prefer to go weekly just because it helps keep everything tick over and I feel great after.

Coming home on the train this Tuesday just gone, something felt like popping in my left hand and then explosions of pain across the palm. I had the bike and managed to get down to my current GP (not the same as the one back then) but he’d already closed, so took my time getting home, hard wheeling a bike up the Hwy with one hand. I spent the night on panadeine forte leftover from the wisdom teeth removal last year and icing my hand. Saw my GP the following morning and was packed off for an ultrasound.

The good news, my carpal tunnel has shrunk to about 9cm from the 15+ it was 10 years ago, so seeing Katherine and being aware of my limitations has done the trick. Bad news, they aren’t entirely sure what is causing the pain but there’s an unexplained white spot right where the pain is that they think is calcification. So now I’ve got to rest, keep an eye on it and have a referral to a hand surgeon for further investigation.

The pain flared up again this afternoon as I was leaving Westfield, my boyfriend Adam lives closer to there than I do, so headed there and the relief of a bag of frozen broad beans.

Ended up staying there and we had a lovely evening with pizza and watching tv since it was too wet and muggy to do much else. Home now with an ice brick and a glass of water!

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