Near miss

I was driving home yesterday from work up George St. in Sydney, when I had an extremely narrow miss of probable certain injury and God knows what else.

My car was in the middle lane, first at the lights waiting to go up Regent St. at the big intersection at Railway Square at Central. A bus behind me, another to the right and a taxi to my left. Light goes green, traffic moves forward and so does a dark grey 4wd who decides to run the red and go down Pitt St to my left. It swipes the front of the bus, scrapes the front of mine and does some fairly awesome damage to the front of the taxi. Silly lady sits there for a few seconds with a ‘huh, I didn’t do anything wrong’ stunned mullet look on her face before throwing up her arms and speeding off.

I had to brake fairly hard to avoid hitting her, I still don’t know how I missed or how the bus behind me missed ploughing into me. I was within mm of either. Gave my business card to the drivers of the buses and taxis, not much else I could do in heavy peak hour traffic. Definitely nowhere around to pull over safely. Buggered right wrist, swellings gone down some but still swollen and sore today, voltaren and panadeine forte helped yesterday. A bit sore around my neck and shoulders, and my left wrist and right leg are not feeling 100% but I’ll be right in a few days. Just needs rest for the most part, panadol is doing the trick at work today.

Extremely glad the car isn’t badly damaged, already nervous enough about that after getting rear-ended by a bimbo with no license driving her bf’s hotted up sedan last year. It is going in for a service next week, will ask them to make sure nothing mechanically wrong with it then. Scratches I can live with, brakes probably need some love after the abuse they copped yesterday!

Have you ever had a near miss? Leave a comment below!

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Extremely glad the car isn’t damaged?!?! Extremely glad you’re not damaged. Well, physically. Bet it was scary though. Hope you’re ok.

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