Back in the saddle

…so to speak!

I resumed biking partway to and from work 2 days ago, and feeling largely ok. My right wrist is having a bit of trouble taking the weight but it’s getting easier as time goes on.

I honestly thought it would have been harder to bike after 1.5 weeks of not, but my legs have taken to it like the champions they are and I’m finding I am able to pedal for longer distances without cruising. Like ALL of Hickson Rd is now doable without taking a break, or the run from the Quay until just before I hit the bridge and the lights šŸ˜€

Do really need some more pairs of knicks and/or shy shorts. Wearing the same pair day in and out is wearing thin on me, even though I’ve been washing them. Just having to do that and make sure they dry is a pain in the butt.


When did you change your blog name? I like it.

The other day, trying to decide on a new design too, either do it myself or adapt one of the zillions of themes out there šŸ™‚

Every now and then I get a hankering to get rid of the “blogspot” bit of my 2 blogs, but it seems it will take a lot of hassle and some money that I just don’t want to spend to be honest.

I think it’s our creative gene – we always want to be changing things.

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