Now I’m 33!

It was my birthday on Saturday, my age is now 33… eep, I’m getting a tad old now!

We had a party that evening at my boyfriend Adam’s place with all our mutual friends – good food, fantastic friends and excellent conversation; you can’t beat it.

The food: For simplicity, we had Lebanese food for the evening. It covered all the bases for food allergies (especially mine) and anyone vegetarians in the group. I ordered 3 dozen mini pizzas – meat (lamb), spinach & cheese and cheese from a local Lebanese bakery; the owner of which is good friends of my sister’s mother-in-law. The rest of the food was ordered from Hijazi’s Falafel at Arncliffe – if you are in Sydney and want fantastic food at rock bottom prices, take a trip over to Arncliffe. We were introduced to this place by the aforementioned MIL and it’s become one of our favourite places to eat!

The people: Aaron & Kelly, Dan, Jaki & Tim, Steve & Candice, Craig & Laura, Elsie & Dick, Candice & Dan, Adam & I!

The cake: Adam’s Mum, Brenda, made the cake above for my birthday! How awesome is it? And it tastes even better, nom nom chocolate cake!

A good time was had by all. We talked into the wee hours, played some fun card games and just generally hung out.

We celebrated with my family on Sunday night, yay for long weekends! Adam’s parents were up for the weekend, so they joined my family at a local pizza restaurant for a lovely evening with lots of red wine =)

All in all, a perfect weekend with all of my favourite people. Here’s hoping the next year is just as great as 32 was!

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fat mum slim

Happy birthday beautiful. xx

BTW: That’s not old. 😉

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