Extra-spesh Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in Australia and other parts of the world.

Our family usually celebrates with either lunch or dinner with Mum and her sister Anne who is Godmum to a few of us, including me!

This year however, it’s a little bit more special… My sister is celebrating her first Mother’s Day with the recent birth of now 5-week old Zara and it’s my Mum’s first Mother’s Day as a Grandma, as well as Anne’s first as a great aunt. And of course we remember our own Grandma on this day, sadly she died a few years ago. So a hell of a lot to celebrate =)

We had dinner at my sister’s place last night – parents, my sister Sharon and her husband Jack, my aunt Anne, brother Paul and of course Adam and myself as well as the current centre of our universe, Zara.

We kept it simple so my sister wouldn’t have to worry about cleaning and ordered some yummy pizza from a local pizzeria in Botany, all in all a lovely evening with lots of conversation and I got plenty of knitting done.

I’m currently knitting my Mum a scarf as her present and then one for Anne! I’ve been toying around with knitting for a few years but actually went to a proper class last Saturday which helped reinforce what my Grandma had taught me oh so long ago.

The photo to the left was taken last night by myself, featuring my Mum with baby Zara!

And here’s a closeup of our 5-week-old angel…

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Hope you all had a lovely day. I am now living with mother’s day in March, but I always remember the second sunday in May. I am working on having presents on both days, but so far my husband and son aren’t biting.

fat mum slim

Awwwwww. ♥ Sigh. She’s beautiful. xx

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