I’m back!

Finally found a blog theme I can live with!

It needs a few tweaks here and there, but it alleviates the need for me to actually design one – something I don’t really have the time for these days.

So where have I been? Well almost 4 months ago, I had a serious fall from my bike on the way to work. I ended up in RPA for the day, my bike is actually still at work. After many specialist/physio visits & xray’s, I finally had an mri and they realised too late my TFC (triangular fibrocartilage) ligament was badly torn. Too late, in that it was almost 2 months of being in severe pain and unable to rotate/bear any weight on my wrist. If they had found it within a week or so of the accident happening, I’d have had surgery immediately and be right as rain now. Waiting so long meant that it had already begun to heal and thus negating surgery, so recovery is longer. All up they think 5-6 months, hope to be riding my bike soon… pending ortho surgeon’s approval of course. I am still on 2 courses of physio a week and must keep it bandaged and mostly immobile, though I am now able to actually type without too much trouble. I returned to work after 3.5 weeks, mainly from boredom… I typed (and still do) one -handed and just get through things at my own snail pace.

Workcover & work’s insurer have been fantastic, as have been the various doctor’s, specialists and physio’s I now know extremely well. In a lot of pain still some of the time, but I’m getting better. The main thing is to get back on the bike, ramp up my swimming and walking so I will be ok to ride when the time comes 🙂

Zara is now almost 5 months old and entirely gorgeous. We get to see a lot of her and I have my next babysitting duties next weekend, thankfully now I can hold her with both arms without needing too much support (right still takes all the weight though).

I’m off to the US in 2 weeks time for work, looking forward to catching up with my colleagues and friends, as well as catching some baseball!

The most important news of late, Adam asked me to marry him a few weeks ago, so we are now formally engaged!! The ring features a sapphire and diamonds, they came from a ring provided by Adam’s Mum and I love it! No plans on dates yet, probably late next year. Survived a bridal expo with Mum today too 🙂

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