Go the Dragons!

What grand final?

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Sharon took this photo yesterday of Zara in her Dragons supporter colours!

How cute is she?

She is now on solids most of the time and finally beginning to gain weight, currently topping the scales at 6kg. I missed her terribly whilst I was overseas, but got a lovely cuddle this morning when my sister popped by.

The Dragons beat the Tigers last night 13-12 and will now face the Roosters in next weekend’s Grand Final!

This post is also part of Point & Shoot over at Fat Mum Slim. Having literally returned from the US the day before and suffering terribly from jetlag, this photo taken by my sister will have to do this weekend.



She’s adorable, what a cute smile she has!

Oh she is just beautiful!!! Too cute and I love her little outfit…way too cute xox

Aww, that is too precious! How can the Dragons not win next weekend with such a cute supporter??

Me ‘N my Monkeys

Yeh gotta love a Dragons supporter, i’m pretty sure they will beat the Roosters to!

She is so Adorable!

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