Another 2 months!

I am really beginning to think my wrist will never heal šŸ™

My GP just extended my workcover period for another 2 months… I still cannot rotate the wrist around or extend the elbow without a large amount of pain, the wrist itself just won’t go round either way pain or not. It’s now been 5 months since I had the accident back in May, I really wish I’d broken it, at least I’d be healed by now. If it’s unchanged in December, I am headed back to the surgeon – the current joke around these parts is that I’ll be strapped up for the wedding next year, I hope not!!!!!!!!!

I’ve learnt to adapt of course, I can do my hair and dress myself for the most part now, bra is still a daily struggle though. Every little achievement is huge for me – I was ecstatic the day I could go to the bathroom without having to worry about someone helping me do up my jeans (which I learnt pretty fast!!! It’s incredibly embarrassing to have to ask your Dad to do up your bra or undo/do up jeans believe me, but when you have no choice…). It also makes simple things like picking up a mug of coffee or can of drink in the wrong hand, agony, as I can’t lift anything or put weight into the wrist.

Oh well, I just have to take one day at a time and do what I can. Work, family and friends have been amazing with their love and support… even the jokes.

On the upside, I can chart my progress looking back at photos of Zara. I’ve been strapped up for 5 of her 6 months of life to date :O

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