So hot out!

Sydney has been experiencing extremely hot weather for the past 2 weeks or so, yesterday got to a revolting 42C!

THE cool change expected this afternoon cannot come soon enough for Sydney residents, who suffered a record-breaking seventh day of temperatures topping 30 degrees yesterday.

In the city the mercury peaked at 41.5 degrees at 3.22pm but the airport, with a top of 42.2 degrees, was the hottest spot in the city. Crowds sought refuge early, with temperatures in the mid-30s at 9.30am. Cinemas and shops did a booming trade – some stores sold out of fans – as people dodged the heat, while 200,000 hit the beaches.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

There is supposed to be a cool change at some point today, with temperatures this week in the mid-20’s but it’s supposed to be back up to 30C by Friday.

Cold showers, sitting in front of the AC and fans, about all one can do currently!

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