Spiders suck!

I absolutely hate spiders, am I alone in this?

I cannot stand walking into their webs, let alone seeing one near me. They meet a can of spray or shoe quicksmart!

On Saturday night, I was making the bed with some sheets that were still warm from being on the line – go that disgusting heatwave. As I was unfolding the sheets, a spider must have been in them and landed on my shoulder. I immediately flicked it off and looked for it shoe in hand, but couldn’t see it, not for lack of looking (and shaking almost everything nearby).

A few minutes later, I gave up and continued making the bed. Then I felt a sharp pain under my left foot, sure enough I’d found the spider 🙁

Cue a night of being sick, shivering and sweating, it was the hottest night in Sydney on record too – great. I don’t think I moved much yesterday morning, curled up the lounge in the AC – any attempt to move was met with waves of dizziness. Managed to get it together by 2ish and get up to the mountains for my friend Kelly’s baby shower, thankfully the foot was just pins and needles by that point so if I took it slow, I was ok.

Feel a lot better today, managed to keep some food mostly down late last night. My left foot is a mass of pins and needles, the toe that got bitten is only really sore if I walk on it. Pretty sure it was a whitetail, been bitten by one before with pretty much similar reactions.

I. hate. spiders. ><

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