Cake Day!

Cake Day at work is quite the occasion.

Once a month, they get cakes in for afternoon tea and celebrate all the birthdays of staff that month. Everyone must get up and state their name, area, what they plan to do for their birthday and so forth. It’s also a tad embarrassing, as the eyes of the entire company are upon you… I’ve managed to be elsewhere every April for the past 3 years 😉

I also love Cake Day, as it’s the only day each month I get to indulge my love of chocolate. HR are great in making sure everyone can celebrate, including people with allergies like me. So every month on Cake Day, I get to have a slice of the lovely Gluten Free Mud Cake you can see above. It is seriously divine!

Do you have a similar day at your work? What’s your favourite type of cake?

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