Where to find me!

So you’ve discovered undomestiKated, but how do you know when to visit the blog or to see what I’ve been up to?

Well there are a few options!

  • Facebook – undomestiKated now has it’s own page, so go ahead and “like” it. (link here).
  • Twitter – I ummed and ahhed about Twitter and whether to have two accounts but it’s just so hard  for me to maintain with everything else going on. I have had an account for quite some time, but I keep it private, so just send me a follow request! 🙂 (link here).
  • Flickr – I have had a Flickr account for a number of years, I love it so much that it’s actually my job. Feel free to add me as a contact, I love looking at people’s snapshots! (link here).


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