Weakness: Jamboree dinnerware

*stands up*

I have a confession my friends…

*nervous cough*

I am addicted to my vintage dinnerware – Jamboree!

The colours, the quirky square-but-not shape… it’s just that perfect blend of retro and modern, all I want in a dinner setting.

Manufactured by Johnson Bros England, Jamboree comes in six different colours and includes:

  • bread and butter plate
  • smaller dinner plate
  • larger dinner plates
  • bowl
  • teacup
  • saucer for the teacup

These are not to be confused with Johnson Bros Australia’s “South Seas” range which used the same shape but markedly different colours, not as nice in my eyes.

I have been collecting Jamboree for roughly 8 years and have amassed quite a nice dinner setting. Sure most of them are second-hand, but you’d be hard pressed to find Jamboree still in the box fifty odd years later, plus I have had a love for old things instilled into me from a young age by my Mum, Grandma and aunt Anne. I am not the type to go nuts over the latest trends in linens or kitchenware, I am quite happy perusing antique shops and markets for older items.

The home I share with Adam is full of furniture inherited from both our families, a large chunk of our kitchenware is inherited from my Grandma or things I’ve collected and I definitely cannot go past a hand-embroidered tablecloth!

I love things with a story or a history and I don’t think such things should be locked away, they should be enjoyed and used, albeit with loving care.

Do you have a weakness for vintage or retro items? Tell me about it! šŸ˜€

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