Tissue Fort Building 101

A bad head cold has us wiped out this weekend, both of us have it pretty badly.

The usual sore throats, runny nose, watery eyes, lost voice, bit of a chest infection… fun for all!

Adam thinks it’s hilarious I can’t take anything other than lemsip or panadol. My body hates pseudoephedrine, phenylephrine & phenylanine which are in most cold and flu remedies. Where for most people they help you sleep, they just turn me into a zombie and I won’t sleep for several days on end whilst making me very lethargic. Lemsip has a tiny amount, but it thus far seems to be ok *fingers crossed*

What’s your favourite home remedy?



Chicken noodle soup & Sprite works wonders when I’m feeling oogy. Of course, the magic of both may be due more to the fact that it’s what I remember my mom feeding me when I was sick, rather than any magical healing properties of either… 😉

Hot lemon and honey washed down with a couple of panadol.

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