Review: Vaseline Dry Skin Conditioning Lotion

Vaseline is one of those enduring brands that generations of Australians have used and enjoyed.

My Mum was and still is a big fan of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, it could do no wrong in her eyes; and she liberally slapped it on our lips and dry areas of our skin as we headed off to school way back when.

Vaseline has evolved over the last 150 years, extending their range to the many different facets of skin care. I was very excited when Nuffnang offered me the opportunity to review Vaseline’s new “dry skin conditioning lotion” as part of Product Talk by Nuffnang, given I share my Mum’s love of Vaseline products.


I received the 375mL version of the dry skin conditioning lotion in an extremely handy pump pack. I love the simple yet effective look, elegant without being presumptuous and most importantly, it doesn’t look busy as so many products are wont to do these days. You can actually see the label and identify what the product is without being overwhelmed.

The reverse side of the pump pack shows all the details you may wish to know, starting off with some simple facts and what the lotion contains, as well as directions and web links to learn more about your skin and the product – this in itself is excellent, it would be rare to find someone these days in Australia without some form of access to the internet, even if it is via their public library.

I love that the pump nozzle can actually be locked, with open and close options with directional arrows clearly marked on the top. The locking feature of the packaging, makes it perfect for throwing it in your bag to take to work or to make sure it’s secure when travelling. I know I can’t be the only one to have opened a suitcase upon reaching your destination, to find something has leaked!

The Conditioning Lotion

The lotion itself is non-descript yellowy-white colour with a pleasant scent that isn’t overpowering. The consistency is not runny as some lotions can be, yet it isn’t thick and gluggy either… I’d say it’s just right and pleasant to the touch.

Notice how it doesn’t gloop all over the place?

I work in an air conditioned office, using my hands all day long on a computer and I don’t tend to wear gloves to protect my hands in these colder months… suffice to say, my hands are always dry and the skin is cracking. I am also 34 years old, so aging is also a factor in my skin dryness.

When using the lotion, you don’t need much. If you go by my photo above , you could get away with using half of that amount. However, my hands can use the extra love so after a few seconds of rubbing my hands together, they were well hydrated and the lotion was gone. I should note also, Vaseline uses a non greasy formula that is quick absorbing, which is brilliant for people on the go like me.

So how did I fare? Check out the results!

If you look at the before and after shots above of my left hand, you can definitely see some results immediately. My skin appears softer and not as harsh, they also smell great. I took these before dinner and my hands are still feeling great a few hours later and I’ve even done the washing up in the interim.

Sensitive Skin

I suffer from severe eczema, along with some lovely auto-immune issues with gluten, dairy and nuts so my skin is hyper-sensitive. I have been using the dry skin conditioning lotion for almost a week now with no ill effects, not even a tinge of itchiness. If anything, I’d say it’s improved my skin hydration and made my hands, at least, a little less prone to the usual rashes that cover them.

So if you have issues with your skin, I’d suggest giving this a go, but definitely do a small test patch first and seek your doctor’s advice if you’re unsure in any way, shape or form.

Vaseline dry skin conditioning lotion is available in 200mL, 375mL and 750mL with prices perfect for any budget. Check your local supermarket or pharmacy for details.

This will definitely become a staple in our household.

And for all the men out there, I’ve already caught my fiance Adam using it himself. He likes it because it “doesn’t stink” and it helps with the dry skin on his elbows, as well as his hands! 😉

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