Weekend time again

So very glad that work is done for the week and it’s the weekend!

Been a week of ups and downs: work stress, revolting morning sickness and finally getting to see the baby!

Previous ultrasounds at the OB, the sneaky bugger has been hiding but we finally saw it this week when we had the NT scan on Wednesday. That was a nightmare of roughly 3-4 hours I never want to go through again. The baby wasn’t in the right position, so they made me jump, go for a walk, try emptying half my bladder, eat food, shake my butt about amongst other things. Thankfully it finally was and we could escape. The scans all came back great, we’re 1/6057 for down syndrome and even lower for everything else they test for, suffice to say the baby is healthy and normal.

We’ve not told many people yet, just our immediate families and a few friends. Debating whether to keep it secret until the wedding and do the big announcement, but someone will probably cotton on before then. I’ve been overwhelmed by the love and support from our family and friends, there has been no negativity or anything surrounding our little surprise. For anyone wondering, we have been together for 4 years, friends for 7 and engaged for over a year. For us, it’s a miracle pure and simple. I spent many years thinking I’d never be able to have children and even after the surgery last year, I was going to have problems getting pregnant. Now we’re safely in the second trimester I can breathe a sigh of relief and begin to think about a future with at least this child.

Now if only the morning sickness will get lost! 😉


Oh my goodness me, congratulations!! I wondered if that ultrasound was yours!

That is such exciting news, I am SO happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Jess xoxo

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