Pondering girls’ names

For the record, we do not know what we are having just yet. We do intend to find out, but won’t until the end of October around 19-20 weeks.

We are already decided upon a boys name (first and second) and have a middle name picked out for a girl, but we’re stumped on what to do for a first name if it turns out we’re having a girl. So I figure I might as well reach out to the blogosphere for a bit of help!

The surname ends in the sound “ee”, as does the middle name we like of “Mary” (the first name of both my grandmother’s as well as my own Mum’s middle name), so we’re trying to avoid a first name that has the same sound. I like older names, not fancier new ones and we are both of Irish-Australian background so something honouring that could be nice; but also not something the poor child would get bullied at school for. Considering the likelihood of the baby having red hair of some description, it would be good to keep the name somewhat normal sounding 😉

So suggest away!

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