The Faux Honeymoon

Backyard Camping by jtownsley.

Ever camped in the backyard rather than going on an actual holiday and camping in the open somewhere?

Our honeymoon is a bit like this… We are going away for 3 nights to the Gold Coast a week after the wedding; it’s a family holiday that Adam won a few months back. However, we are also taking my sister and her husband, along with their daughter Zara. Taking off with half the family in tow is not a honeymoon to me, yet people around me keep referring to it as such. I’ve taken to calling it the fake or faux honeymoon.

We do want to go away for a few weeks and intended to go to New Zealand after the wedding but the Rugby World Cup put an end to that – there would be few places to stay and prices would be at a premium, plus the crowds! So we will go away later on once the hype of the World Cup dies down or choose another country. The only flaw in this plan is the baby, we can either go before it arrives or wait until it’s a bit older and take it with us; or my favoured plan, wait until it’s old enough to spend a few weeks with Grandma which means 6mths+ assuming I’m not still breast feeding.

I am definitely looking forward to the short trip away with my sister and family, we get on so much better in the last few years unlike when we wanted to murder each other when we were growing up. But I am equally looking forward to Adam getting his passport and leaving Australia for the first time, seeing some of the places I have grown to love in my 15 odd years travelling around the world.

I think this one will simply be a case of playing it by ear… I just hope we don’t end up like my own parents who took 18 years to take theirs 😉

Do you have any suggestions on where we could go on a honeymoon overseas? Somewhere that is baby friendly would be good! Did you do the fake honeymoon/short trip after your wedding? Where did you go for your actual honeymoon?

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Come to my house…it’s very baby friendly! 😀

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